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That's right, Awesome Outdoors now has a YouTube Channel! When the idea of AO came about, creating a channel was always something that we wanted to do! And it has taken a little bit of time but here we are!

So what will our channel be about? Well, we have so many blogs on our website we thought why not create them into videos to inspire people to get outdoors! We also plan to create specialist videos for specific sports like hiking, scuba diving, cycling...you get the idea! Anyway here's our plan.


So our videos that have stemmed from our blogs here at AO will become our daily videos on the channel...Yes, one of these videos will be released every day 7 days a week 365 days of the year (as long as our video editor Shaun has access to coffee).

These videos will be about cycling, scuba diving, skateboarding, snowboarding, climbing...if we have written a blog about it, it will become a video! Because of the variance of the videos, we hope this will inspire people to try something new and also keep our channel feed nice and fresh!

'How To' Videos

Once our Daily videos are up and running and people are (hopefully) engaged with them we plan to create 'How To' and Advice videos. These videos will have a higher production value and we plan to make them the channels bread and butter. But we want to get them right! So they will be released when we are happy with them!

With these videos, we plan to team up with the best of the best giving you the clearest and most honest advice so you can make the right judgement call! But like we said these videos will take some time to produce, film and edit so please bear with us!


Right, so when will our videos be going live? Well, our dailies will be going live from the 15th of June 2020 at 10 am GTM EVERY SINGLE DAY! and like I said earlier our 'how-to' and advice videos will be as and when we make them...but will premiere them a couple of day's before to keep you in the loop!

Awesome Extras

Our editor Shaun has his very own YouTube Channel and he plans to start working on behind the scenes videos for us here at Awesome Outdoors. He will mainly film BTS of when we film our 'how-to' and advice videos as our daily videos aren't very exciting... unless you love seeing someone talking into a microphone and staring at a computer screen?? If you do, let us know!

So yeah go follow him for all the behind the scenes stuff!


Author: Gemma Johnson

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